Supervision & Mentoring

Coaching Supervision

Supervision aims at enhancing the well-being of the coach in terms of who the coach is during the coaching session. It focuses on the coach’s own experience, both at the personal and professional levels. The supervisor enables the coach to reflect on his/her own experiences to pick out lessons to be learnt and how to raise the level of efficacy of being a coach.

Coaching Supervision Testimonies

1. Dana Belter-Lefeuvre. Coach

I feel more confident as I gained a deeper level of clarity, courage and conviction. The supervision sessions with Frances has liberated me and given me the confidence to ‘play’ on equal ground with ALL clients. I feel more confidence with everything and everyone in every situation. I have the courage to be who I am naturally. I am feeling more capable and in parity with clients. During the supervision, Frances was holding the space for me, very well. She shared her reflections, which was were good, she listened and came in when needed, in a very natural way.

2. Uday Deshpande

Supervision sessions with Frances has helped me both on a professional as well as on a personal level. Professionally, it helped me maintain my dignity and poise, remain focused, not get affected by negativity. In fact I have been fairly successful in turning it into positivity, through my proactive actions! This is amazing for me! Personally, the supervision sessions have helped me stay connected to my anchor, which is reflective of my values.

You were very subtle in holding the space for me, yet persuasive! Even through conversations, you never let go of anything without exploring. I
loved this a lot, as it was great learning for me personally.

You allowed me to speak my mind every time, you have been very patient, despite the fact that I was all over place due to the issues that I am facing. Thank you.

3. Mrunal

During our supervision session with Frances, we nurtured the relationship with our intention, thoughtfulness and presence. I experienced flow, joy and love, and celebration of Who we are. This is equally reflective in my life and work.

I have grown to see and understand my patterns and my attachments as a Coach. I am floored to experience how I need to BE more simple in my approach. And I see that it will need practise and being vulnerable. During the supervision sessions, many things tangible and intangible got woven in my life and it continues to show up in all areas of my life. I have learnt and make my intention to show up as…

Just being.
Just listening.
Just present in the moment.
Just smiling…connecting…appreciating.
I intend to keep this growing regards to how I show up in life and work as a Coach.

Mentor Coaching

Mentor Coaching aims at assessing and developing core coaching competencies, for credentialling and development purposes. It focuses on recorded sessions or direct observation in order to receive feedback to improve the efficacy of the coaching skills. Via the feedback received, the coach references his performance to the specific expectations for each competency as stated by the ICF Core Competencies

Mentor Coaching Testimonies

1. Sylvain Mahe

Frances mentored me as I was in the process of renewing my coach credential. I’m so grateful I met such an amazing coach! Her level of mastery is stellar and the session led to a number of very valuable insights for me in my journey as coach. I enjoyed every minute of it and learned a lot from her presence, kindness and the purity of her coaching. Thanks Frances for helping me become a better person and a better coach!

Sylvain Mahe
Entreprise Agile Coach | Consciousness and Leadership Coach | Life Transformation Coach | Speaker | Inspirer
February 15, 2019

2. Charles Chee Perez

Dr Frances mentored me in my journey to be a professional coach. She was patient, helpful and provided me with deep insights on what good coaching is. As she reviewed my coaching sessions, I noticed she has an in-depth knowledge of ICF’s core competencies and guided me on how to improve my craft for the better!

Charles Perez Chee, PCC ICF, CDF
Passionate about Career Coaching
September 21, 2016,

3. Vivian Yap

Frances, I love the way you mentored me in my recorded coaching session. Your patience and experience was most helpful to me. I felt your strong level of encouragement and motivation. I gained a lot in the healthy dose of honesty that you gave me. This enabled me to start challenging my normal thinking patterns. Thanks so much.

Director, FMCG Industry
3 rd April 2019

4. Roslina Manap

I enjoyed our mentoring session, Frances. You enabled me to get a much deeper understanding of how important the need for exploring
further with the client. This learning has helped me in my next coaching session. I also learnt how to capture the emotional aspects brought up
by my coachee. I’m now more attentive to this aspect. Frances, you have been very supportive in your role as a mentor to me. Your level of
patience in explaining things have helped me clear the confusion that I had earlier. Thanks so much.

Roslina Manap
Protégé Advisory Sdn Bhd
Executive Coach
8 th March 2019

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