3 Top Lessons I Learnt..

How To Dance To Your PCC Coach Credentials

'Being Visible'

How to bring out the 'awesomeness' in a leader?

Bringing out the 'awesomeness' in my team

Bringing out more 'awesomeness' in my team while overcoming challenges

Core Values - Powerful Motivator for Leaders & Teams

Creating a culture of trust for productive work environment

Creating teams with a higher level of engagement and innovativeness

Building creative, resourceful and whole leader

Effective tools on building collaborative strategic partnerships

3 powerful tools for crafting highly productive meetings

Feedback is a gift

Cultivating a creative & healthy Work Space

Trust in leadership

Becoming an effective Team leader - the coaching costellation tool

Being the 'Authentic' Leader

Learning from 'Kintsukuroi' for leaders of errant team

Moving away from fixed mindset to 'Growth' Mindset

Re-forming Leader's mindset from 'victim child' to 'Resourceful Adult'

Shifting from 'Difficult' team to 'possible' Team