How to Dance to your PCC Coach Crudentials?

MSME ARTICLE #2/2017 : APRIL 21st 2017

I WANT TO DANCE WITH MY COACHING CLIENTS !!!  That was the goal I set for myself two months ago. I carved out a plan of action according to the requirements of the ICF (International Coach Federation) and I started ticking the boxes as I completed each task.

In my two-month journey, I navigated myself to surf the waves. I encountered interesting people, unique coaching process, tough mistakes, triumphant clients, knowledge-filled workshops, re-assuring classmates, web-based mentoring, web-based coaching, reluctant clients, encouraging coaching business networks and supportive family! I feel Blessed to have initiated this expedition!

Some of the most unique learnings for me were:-

1.the learning and re-learning of the coaching process

2.the formulating of my own coaching framework

3.the persistent trials of how effective my coaching framework was

4.the many hours of listening to recordings of coaching sessions

5.the sharpening of my senses to identify and detect changes in the voice, thinking, feeling and in the shifts experienced by the clients awareness of the various culture and history of clients. I was fortunate to be exposed to clients from Kazakhstan, Pakistan, India, Yemen, China, Maldives, Australia, Hungary, Spain, U.K. and Iran. insight into the diverse business of the clients. I was privileged to coach clients working in multiple industries such as; hospitals, pharmaceutical, media, wealth advisers, insurance agents, business coaches, real-estate agents, HR specialists, lawyers, facilitators, consultants, chef, entrepreneurs, academics, Masters and Ph.D students.

Now as I reminiscence my two months journey, I feel enriched and invigorated by my experiences. I feel proud to have endured this arduous task. I hold a trophy in my hand now! It represents my strong coaching process model, my acute sense of advocating my client and my recognition of being a CATALYST of Transformation to my clients.

Finally, to add the cherry to the icing on top of the cake – yesterday, my mentor coach, after listening to my coaching session recording, said “ Frances, you are a great coach! You DANCED with your client!!!”


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