'Being' Visible

MSME ARTICLE #2/2017 : APRIL 21st 2017

Hello everyone. I am an executive coach who is on a part of my growth journey where I refuse to remain ‘hidden’ anymore. In this journey, I have grown with so many distinctive types of experiences, I have gained new and interesting moments of knowledge, I have been confronted with a myriad of challenging issues from my clients and I have gained an enormous level of insights from my coaching initiatives. I feel a need to express some of “ME” with all of you! How would I do that?

Initially, the consideration of penning some thoughts of mine sent a chill up and down my spine. What was causing this? Why was I feeling like this? I have written articles before in my previous life, being an academic. I have even completed my Ph.D thesis. So writing should come easily and naturally to me. What was creating this sense of heaviness and resistance within me? I found it difficult to understand and yes! I was at a roadblock – not sure if this qualifies to be classified as a writer’s block! What could I do to ‘unblock’?

I engaged a coach to support me in this transformational journey of mine. During the sessions, we explored various aspects of the meaningfulness of this topic. I gained insightful clarity and a deepened level of awareness of ‘WHY’ I wanted to write. My coach empowered me to uncover my true desire and the larger purpose of my “BEING”. I discovered that I had a hidden need to express my ‘being’ in this part of my journey on planet earth. At the end of the coaching sessions, I appreciated the CHOICES I had; they became more visible to me. All I had to do was to make a Decision to Choose. What do I do next?

I bravely and boldly made a CHOICE. I chose to write and this is my inaugural piece of work. I sense a feeling of liberation within me. I know that I have wrestled with the resistance and tamed it! I am conscious that my Clarity of purpose is far greater than the blocks that may appear. So let me ‘shine’ and become ‘visible’ ! ……more on the way!!….

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